CORIOview & CORIOgrapher Help

Thanks for buying this CORIOview multi-window processor. This help covers all versions of CORIOview, MWP‑4H‑1Y, MWP‑4Y‑1Y, MWP‑8H‑1Y, MWP‑4H‑1Y, MWP‑4D‑1Y, MWP‑8GS‑1Y, and MWP‑MTO.

Meet CORIOview hardware

CORIOview connects to a wide range of sources and displays, and works with CORIOgrapher software to allow you to build dynamic multi-window displays with an easy-to-use visual interface. Make the most of your visual space.

  • 4K Processor with pixel-perfect scaling
  • Crystal-clear images with 4K output
  • Window labeling allowing source naming
  • Color borders with adjustable thickness
  • 16 ready to use preset layouts
  • Intuitive front panel
  • Layout activation, and video and audio routing from front panel
  • Unique Info button
  • Wide range of inputs, including DVI, SDI, HDBaseT, 4K, and streaming media
  • Up-down-cross conversion
  • Custom resolutions
  • Embedded and S/PDIF audio outputs
  • Audio embedding and de-embedding
  • Supports portrait and landscape displays
  • Clone your output to a second display
  • Supports secure communication
  • Multiple control methods using CORIOgrapher, API, or Crestron/AMX controllers
  • RESTful API
  • Ultra-compact, ½ RU size with up to eight inputs
Meet CORIOgrapher control software

CORIOgrapher V2.8 is packed with features.

  • Simple, powerful, software interface
  • Transition between presets
  • Rotate outputs
  • Choose sources for windows
  • Manage streaming media
  • Use custom resolutions
  • Manage EDID data
  • See your changes instantly with immediate mode
  • Undo and redo your work
  • Control audio
  • Configure labels, borders, and colors

CORIOview & CORIOgrapher help V1.10