CORIOmaster & CORIOgrapher Help

About CORIOgrapher™

CORIOgrapher is the software that controls your CORIOmaster™. You can create up to four video walls, with multiple screens and windows, and add transitions and effects for a state-of-the-art dynamic video wall experience.

CORIOgrapher main areas


Home is where you connect to a CORIOmaster, load a configuration from a file, or create an offline configuration.

Wall Editor

Wall Editor is where you create up to four video walls, each on its own canvas.

If you have a CORIOmaster micro, you can create up to two video walls.


Dashboard is where you control the actions of your video walls.

Settings is where you configure your system, network, modules, and more.

opens tvONE help.

CORIOmaster & CORIOgrapher help V2.3