CORIOmaster & CORIOgrapher Help

What's new in CORIOgrapher™ V2.7

CORIOgrapher V2.7 supports:

  • Playing audio on a CORIOmaster™, CORIOmaster mini™, and CORIOmaster micro™.

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  • New modules: the S/PDIF and analog audio module, and the Quad HDMI scaled output module.

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  • Encrypted communication between CORIOgrapher and your CORIOmaster.

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  • Playing streams with low latency with the Streaming media and 4K playback input module.

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  • New emergency stop button available from the dashboard cuts all displays to black and mutes all audio, including the S/PDIF output of the CORIOmaster micro

CORIOdiscover V1.6 supports:

  • Faster discovery of and connection to your devices.
  • Encrypted communication.

Firmware version M406 does not support Genlock. If you need to use Genlock, do not upgrade to this firmware version.

For the full list of new features and things we've fixed, see the release notes.

Release notes are available at

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